Revenue Management Training

services_3King Hospitality Consulting can provide a comprehensive platform to acquire, train, and elevate at all discipline levels to ensure your organization has the top revenue talent in the industry.

Corporate Revenue Management Training Plans

We can custom design a formal training outline from the on-boarding of new associates to managing the career progression and skill-set from one level to the next. You’ll grow employee retention by demonstrating the available opportunities for top-talent to grow within the organization where they can feel supported at every step.

Annual Conference Development 

The gathering of associates at annual conferences supports growing the culture of an organization, provides incredible networking access, and can facilitate shared knowledge and best practices to elevate each individual. Whether you’re in need of having a full DORM Conference designed from the ground up, or would benefit from tailored breakout sessions, we can craft the perfect training platform for you.

Discipline Cross-Training

We provide training for Sales, Operations, and Finance leaders in the Revenue Management discipline – approaching it from their point of view. The education provided generates a much more cohesive and collaborative approach to overall hotel management and supports greater profitability when disciplines are working toward each other’s goals.

Human Resources Support

We can partner with your Human Resources department to detail job descriptions, as well as outline and/or revise incentive plans to compliment industry standards.